Build This House

You also, as living stones, are being built up as a spiritual house for a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.
-- 1 Peter 2:5 NIV

  • Pray - Ask God to speak to you.
  • Discern - What is God calling you to sacrificially give?
  • Obey - As you hear from God, be obedient to His call.

Campaign Schedule

March 8th - Kick Off Sunday | March 15th - Night of Worship & Prayer | March 29th - Commitment Sunday

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Phase I

  • A fully remodeled worship center that will use cutting edge technology to create ideal environments for both Sanctuary Worship and Encounter each week, as well as all special events throughout the year
  • A full restoration of the HoltKamp organ, complete with added enhancements
  • A brand new themed worship space for children along with smaller rooms for teaching, all in one secure location on the first floor of the building
  • An indoor play area with comfortable and fun learning environments for preschoolers that reflects our commitment to security
  • A state of the art, two story administration and conference center for staff and church member meetings, located in the old SunTrust bank building

Phase II

  • A new activity room and modern worship space for middle and high school students on the second floor
  • A new choir, orchestra, and media ministry suite, with improved rehearsal spaces located closer to the worship center for easier access on Sundays and for rehearsals occurring throughout the week
  • Updated and properly sized classrooms throughout the building that can be used for Life Groups of all ages and other activities

Phase III

  • A modern entrance and welcome center, facing the corner of Crawford and Jefferson Streets, with a circle drive for an easy and handicap accessible entrance to the building
  • A fully refurbished chapel that will feature a formal and refined aesthetic
  • Enhanced hallways, bathrooms, and common areas throughout the building, as well as the addition of new outdoor gathering areas and updated landscaping

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that this is a big goal, but we also know that we have a big God. We are confident that if this is His will, He will provide a way. The simple answer is that we will only build based on gifts and pledges that come in. Our goal is to raise enough to complete the entire master plan, but this is a phased project. If we raise enough money for the first phase, we will start there. As more is given, more will be built.

We will only borrow against the amount of pledges that are given, no more. We will be doing this so that we can go ahead and begin work this year even though many members will give over three years.

Without our current ministry, we would have nothing to grow. It is vital for us to maintain our current level of ministry, and we cannot do that without the regular gifts of our members. Please continue to give to our regular operating budget, even if this means that you cannot give as much to the Build This House campaign. Gifts to the campaign will total many different amounts, but the key is that we should all give sacrificially.

Take a look at the chart on the last page of the Campaign Brochure to see how small gifts can add up over the three-year giving period. We may not all be able to give large amounts, but we can all give some.

Remember, this is a phased project. We will only build what we have money or pledges to fund. We plan to begin Phase I as soon as we receive enough gifts or pledges to cover the cost. We will evaluate Phase II and III based on the total amount raised.
All pledges will be tracked for project budgeting purposes, but you can rest assured that this information will be kept completely confidential. The church bookkeeper will see the amounts pledged and given, but that information will not be shared with anyone else.
Continuing to occupy a building while this type of remodeling takes place is never easy, but our staff has been working diligently to plan for this time. During the Worship Center renovations, Encounter and Sanctuary Worship will happen in the Fellowship Hall each week. Many members may also choose to attend the Encounter service at FBC East during this time as well. Schedules will shift and we will all have to be flexible, but our staff and volunteers will make sure that everyone knows where to go.
We have known for a long time that parking will always be an issue at our downtown location. Although we have identified approximately 1,500 spots, we know that many of those are further away than the spots that most of us currently use. As we continue to grow, we will continually readdress our parking needs and make changes as needed.
Our weekly worship services are our biggest mission opportunity by far, and the quality of our facilities reflects the importance we place on the message we are sharing. We have a chance to share the gospel with many people every Sunday, and there is no message any more important than that. The time has come to update our facilities to fulfill the mission to which God called us. In addition, we need to renovate our buildings to better suit our current ministry needs. Yes, we will occupy and enjoy the new facilities, but we must remember that these buildings are also being built for those who are not yet here, those who will be led into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ through the ministry of First Baptist Church.

Build This House - FBC Thomasville